Innovation is where it all comes from. EVERYTHING.

Somebody gets an idea and civilization takes another little step forward. Being there at the start, helping to get the inventor's idea into everybody's hands is where it's at. The Big Factory runs on ideas and everybody wants it to keep churning out the cheddar as fast as possible.

You can certainly become wealthy by buying low and selling high, but then what? Where's the story to tell to the hot chick at the bar, your parents, or the grand kids when you're an old geezer? Who is going to want to write or read about another Gordon Gekko clone?

I believe investors have to view their function in the process as much a responsibility to the world as it is a personal opportunity. As much as you can gain for yourself, there are potentially billions of people that will benefit from the new thing being created. The investor's motivation is clearly to facilitate the greatest possible benefit to everybody because accomplishing this also brings them the most profit.

In addition to making prototypes, I would like ZOL to be a resource for investors who are looking for something with greater potential than stocks and bonds. Something that gives you more control than simply buy & sell. Something exciting. 

Whether you have an idea of your own, know of a market niche that is in need of something new, or are looking for an invention with great potential, ZOL would like to be of service to you.

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Here's a list of some ZOL originated projects that are in need of financing:

Saw Stop

A measured stop for a particular type of production saw. Originally designed for the Marvel #8, there are at least 2 other brands that it can be easily adapted to. There are approximately 100,000 machines in use that could use this device and it could sell for at least 300$.

It's not very exiting, but if you own a machine shop that's not running at capacity, or are tired of being a herd beast blindly shuffling along in the stock market and want to try something small to learn how to launch a product, this can be a profitable venture.  

STATUS: The design is for sale. 1 production ready prototype exists.

INVESTMENT REQUIREMENTS: 10,000$ + 5%, 50,000$ + 1% or 100,000$ flat sale price. Can be readily manufactured by common machine shops for approximately 100$ each at quantities of 100 or more. ZOL can also provide further R&D for standard hourly rates.

Linear Motion device

The existing market potential for this is in excess of a billion units per year. It is less expensive, more versatile and less bulky than the current technologies. An ordinary car, for example, could use 50 units! It also enables future consumer products that would require hundreds of units.


I started this project in 2005. I made a half dozen prototypes, bugged all my friends and business associates about it, presented it to investors and companies in related fields, but thanks to my remarkable antisales abilities, nobody got into it. In late 2013 I read an article about the latest developments in electroactive polymers which pretty obviously will render all sorts of motion control technologies obsolete. The only reason I didn't simply delete this entry is to serve as an example of the results of procrastination, apathy and cement head syndrome.

The Nooalf Revolution

This is an English based international spelling system. In addition to the currently available charts, a range of products and services are possible, such as schools, keyboards, software, toys, cartoons and homeschooling programs. The potential for all this is easily more than a billion dollars per year. Big problems are big opportunities.

STATUS: Being promoted and distributed since 1999. Nooalf Super Mini Charts are being marketed to schools and educational product stores. They are also available directly from the Nooalf Revolution website.