There is something special about instruments made of wood; a perception of a certain warmness, or a connection to nature. It is distinct from the appreciation of fine craftsmanship, which applies no matter what material something is made of. It is more than just the beauty of the grain - it's colors, patterns and textures - which can all be easily mimicked in plastic.

I like working with wood, but there is a penalty. Transience.

Wood, being of biological origin, is vulnerable to an array of common agents of degradation.
Water, even just too much or too little humidity, let alone actual contact or submersion.
Temperature. Get it too cold and it can crack from shrinkage and the expansion of freezing water within it's cells. Too hot can damage it thru drying and evaporating out its natural oils and those infused for finish and protection.
All sorts of fungi, mildew, germs and insects can quickly turn it to dust.
It is mechanically weak. With the grain it can be fairly stiff and strong enuf for many uses, but across the grain it is virtually worthless as a structural member.

Wood is delicate, fragile, vulnerable. Anything made of it is entirely dependent on your loving care and luck to exist in this world.

Many of these problems also apply to plastics and composites. Like wood, it is only a matter of time, and not very much time, before something gets to it or the essential volitiles within it evaporate or degenerate.

I don't like working with metal as much as I like working with wood, but there is an advantage. Transcendance

With only minor attention and no serious bad luck, this particular instrument will outlive me and any number of future generations. All the Fenders, Gibsons, Ibanezs, Floyd Roses, etc. made in our lifetimes will be dust and the RoGIToR will still be here. With some forsight and careful storage, it could conceivably last billions of years.

I like the idea that the fraction of my life that I've invested in something will not be so easily wasted.

The RoGIToR began as a ' just for the hell of it ' project back in 1995. The body was machined from a solid piece of 7075 T7 aluminum. The name 'RoGIToR' (the initials of the owner + guitar as spelled in Nooalf) is machined 1/2 inch deep. The back cover is held on with 4 cobalt samerium magnets. The neck, frets & head are all 1 piece machined from a solid bar of 318 stainless steel.

( click on each picture to see it big )

It took about 6 months to make. The hardest part was getting the chiclet shaped body symmetrical, even and smooth. I had to do dozens of setup adjustments to mill off chunks, then sand the facets into curves and compare the corresponding areas, often having to go back to remachine lumps that were too big to sand. Then while smoothing it out with progressively finer sandpaper by hand, I'd find a lump or a dip and have to go back to the belt sander again. A year after I finished my elbows still hurt.

Each of the 6 pickups can be turned on, off or combined with its pair into a humbucker arrangement. Each pair has separate tone & volume controls.

As you would expect, it has amazing sustain and is very heavy.

Jay Leno said something in one of his Garage episodes - 'We are only temporary stewards of these creations, and eventually must pass them on'- or words to that effect.

The RoGIToR has been with me or my brother for about 20 years now, pretty much just gathering dust. Maybe it's time to pass it on to someone who can appreciate it as a new & exciting thing. Maybe even play it on stage!

If you are interested, call or email to place a bid. The auction begins with the first serious offer of 100,000$ or higher and will continue until I don't believe there will be a higher offer. Updates will be posted here.

Jan 3 2016 Update: Placed it on Reverb and its alredy over 500 viewz. Pleaze place an offer there if you are interested.

May 1 2018 Update: Seeing several guitarz on Ebay for sale in the six dijits, I tried to put it up there, but they woudnt increase my seller limit that hi. (no explanation uv how sumwun with only 42 sales and less than perfect feedback got to list his Gibson for 420,000$). I coud hav started the auction at 20K$ and set the rezerv at 100K$, but the fee wuz 101$! So, I'll just let it stay on Reverb for now. Its got 13350 viewz and 20 watcherz. Maybe wun uv thoze filthy rich rockerz will see it - Chris DeGarmo, Micheal Wilton, Kurdt Vanderhoof, Tony Rombola. They coud afford it eazy! Thats like pocket chanje to them!