"The world I lived in, heroz only existed in comic books. And I gess that woud be OK if bad guyz were make-believe too... But theyre not." - Dave Lizewski/Kick-Ass

Before I say anything else, I need to tell you that trying to be a hero iz VERY danjerous - likely to lead to lawsuits, jail time, injury, permanent disabilty and deth. The list uv wayz your little adventure can go rong iz way longer than the list uv wayz it can go rite. If you were inspired by Kick-Ass, you also need to see Super. Its a more realistic depiction uv how any 'super hero' endevour coud go and even that story iz very optimistic. The world iz a danjerous place for our frajile bag o jelly on a balsa wood stick bodyz. America iz chock full uv gunz, so any common punk can pull a Glock out uv hiz pants and dispoze uv a dozen costumed do-gooderz in 5 secondz.

Still, Dave haz a point. The gang bangerz, bullyz, burglerz, muggerz, crooks, con men, shysterz and various levelz uv dishonest assclown 'business ownerz' are all too real. They are so common that its unrealistic to expect the police to be able to protect us. In fact, the police are often the bad guyz. Civilization iz not a yes-no condition. We are alwayz at sum level uv jungle rulez, so everybody needz to be alert and able to defend themselvez. The 'bad guy' usually haz the advantaj, kuz he can be anywhere, anybody, any time, ready to take advantaj uv a situation. They get to initiate an event. The 'good guyz' can only react and its rare that they can react soon enuf to thwart the crime.

So maybe if costumed heroz were a common thing the level uv civilization woud increase. Certainly the tendency uv low life punks to think they can get away with anything woud be reduced if they were regularly seeing the local masked avenjer patrolling the streets.

Super Hero Stuff

Wuts the difference between an ordinary hero and a super hero? You gotta hav sumthing special!

You probably dont hav any natural super power, so aside from being in top fizikl condition, the best you can do iz hav special gajets, weponz and armor like Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne. Obviously, alot uv the stuff in the moviez iz impossible, but there are a bunch uv thingz that can be made to improve your chansez uv emerjing victorious from an encounter with the baddyz.

This iz where ZOL can be uv assistans.

Assuming youv alredy scoured the internet for wutever piece uv hardware you need and found that it duznt exist or the available mass produced itemz are insufficient, ZOL may be able to create it for you. Even if there iz sumthing, you may want to customize it or hav a better version made.

ZOL haz akses to the industrial suppliez and machinery needed to make all sorts uv kool stuff plus, unlike a simple machine shop, the ability to do the R&D needed to make your special equipment perform az well az possible.

847 845-1767

Az you can imajin, custom made stuff can be very expensiv. Very often, properly processed hi strength materialz are essential, not to mention many hourz uv work, often involving 1 or more prototypes befor a working version can be made. Even tho your financial situation, attitude, ability and even your mission will be taken into consideration to possibly make it affordable, you shoud carefully consider all possible alternativz befor calling. Unless therez simply no way around it, you don't want to waste your time and money on sumthing that will be with you in hi risk situationz in wich it coud be lost or fall into the handz uv the bad guyz!

A comment about Real Life Super Heroz

I got into this from watching Kick-Ass. I'm not sure why I got hooked, but maybe it haz sumthing to do with not being a herd beast like most people. We get maybe 100 yearz in this life, then its over. To me, it seemz like a sin to not try to do sumthing noteworthy in the time you hav; that being just a copy uv wut you persiev to be 'normal', az if you are striving for anonymity, iz a ticket to oblivion. Your time will be up wun day and nobody will remember or care that you ever existed. All the resoursez you took up were wasted. And conversly, Nobody will be justifably angry at you after youre gon for at least trying to do sumthing pozitiv. (unless you really screw up and youre efforts backfire!) So to all the RLSH 'nuts' out there, more power to you!

Phoenix Jones appearz to be the most well known RLSH. You shoud try to contact him if youre considering this line uv work.

LaST UPDAT: oGUST 23 2015