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Sunday, August 21, 2011, First entry.

Still bilding the site. Probably be a week or 2 before its on line. I'll keep adding entryz to this page az I feel
the need to say something.

Nice day today. Sunny, but cool. Got InnaGoddaDavida playing on Youtube here. Wanted sumthing long az background
mood just to not have to keep messing with it. It woud be nice if the 'play all' thing actually workt.

Been watching The Sarah Connor Chronicles on DVD all week. The first seazon had some seriously flawed riting,
but overall wuz entertaining. The second seazon iz markedly improved. They rapt it up sort uv abruptly.
They were developing sum interesting story that woud hav made for a great 3rd seazon. This and other foolish
canselationz makes me wunder wut qualificationz get you hired az a TV executive. An utter lack uv imagination
and patience are the most prominent characteristics. Remember Firefly? Or Journeyman?


I have little statuez uv The Dude and Walter on my desk.
No, that's not Maude Lebowski next to them, its Young Hip Cover Gal.
The set came with hiz rug printed in the packaging and I copied & printed it.
Yesterday I found that sumbody haz peed on it! I suppoze Woo coud hav snuk
in and dun it, but it wuz probably TROL or JeRE, 2 uv my cats who like to sit
there wen I'm in the office. Better print a new wun, otherwize I'll find
a puddle on my desk wun morning!


Wuts bugging me theze dayz? The republican prezidential candidates and the newz coverage uv them! I watched the
debate on Fox cable and Ron Paul wuz the only guy who had anything serious to say. The really goofy thing iz
that Fox, CNN and MSNBC treat him az a joke, yet cover idiots like Rick Perry, Michelle Bachman and even Sarah
az if they were actually qualified to be running the country!

I'm seriously considering making another website. The ME TOO! campayn for prezident. Seriously, they keep
blabbing about Sarah Palin running for prezident, so why not me? The dummest drug addled zombiez in my
least coherent dreamz make more sense than her! It offendz me that theze newz organizationz woud spend a
single second reporting on her wen therez a world full uv real newz happening. Wen wuz the last time we heard
anything about Haiti? Or... where wuz that next big quake? I forgot alredy kuz it haznt
been mentioned in months!

OK, let me simmer down. I'll get started on the prezidential campayn site next week. Not for 2012! If Obama
duznt get re-elected...sheesh! The idiots win. I'll run for 2016 az a rite in candidate. I'll call it
the NO MONEY campayn.

Sunday, Disembr 2nd, 2012 2nd entry.

Apparently I dont hav much interest in keeping this up. I suppoze the lack uv anything noteworthy with ZOL or my
life iz a big part uv that. But I do spend alot uv time commenting in forumz, mostly The Skeptic's Society.
Eazy to find if youre interested; I go by my real name.

Horay for Obama! The smart guy winz again! I am officially dropping my bid for 2016 now, since its likely the GoPS
will hav figured out that their stupider-than-thou stratejy duznt work by then. But I'll keep the
Bum Off The Street campane development materialz on file, just in case.


Sum actual news here now!

A few weeks ago I had a fone meeting with Jim Babinski at Thomson about a ball nut design I'v been working on
for a few yirz. I wuz hoping to get a quick 20 to 30 million selling it to them, but it turnz out that its been
around for many decadez. Woud hav saved myself a few thouzand owrz uv work if I'd just thought up the fraze
'internal crossover' while Googling and searching the PTO.

Possibly not a total loss, tho. Therez still a humongous manufacturing
oportunity if I can get sum investorz interested.

Sunday, Disembr 28th, 2012 3rd entry.

Bad newz for regular bread & butter work. Barco got eaten by a bigger company in the same biz. I've been
subsisting on machining work for them since 2005. They made rotary joints and got a regular flow uv orderz
for low part count specialz that I could handle with my manual equipment.

Sad to see companyz disappear, especially wen theyv been around so long. Barco began around 1900, got medium
size, then began to fade in the 80z. It wuz a quiet, plezent bilding in a clean little suburban industrial
area wen I found them. My biz card landed on Larry DeLisle'z desk at the rite moment, saving me frum having
to move into a van down by the river.

RIP Barco. Good luck to Larry and the gang.

Munday, July 27th, 2015 4th entry.

Got hooked on Kick-Ass for sum reazon, so I'v watched the 2 moviez 5 timez each and lissened to the muzik on
Youtube a bunch uv timez over the last month. I'v seen them several timez befor and didnt go nuts, but now
I cant get enuff. THEY NEED TO MAKE MORE! At least make it a proper trilojy.

In Dave Lizewski'z narration at the beginning he wonderz why nobody ever tried to be a super hero befor. Good
question! Later at the Atomic Comics Cafe hiz palz Marty and Todd explain that sumwun woud get killed rite
away if they tried, wich iz a good explanation for why sensible ordinary people dont do it. But there are
alot uv not so sensible andor not so ordinary people out there, so you still haf to wonder why.

Az it turnz out, there realy are peeps out there putting on costumez, prowling around looking for criminalz!
So I got the idea that they mite need sum special equipment. Super Hero Stuff !

Sunday, Jan 3 2016 5th entry.

Got invited to start a channel on Disqus. Looks like a good format for prezenting and debating social issuez,
so I started Shaping The Future. The frst article iz the Gun Incident Tax idea
I had several yirz ago. Read it & comment! Hopefully, you can put sum serious thot into it, wichever side
youre on, and keep the level uv debate abuv the simple minded NRA sloganz you find on the rite wing
propaganda blogz that cater to gun nuts.

Satrday, Okt 15 2016 6th entry.

HA! The Republican party iz finally getting wut it dezervz! They are reaping wut they sowed. The chickenz are
coming home to roost. The monster they created haz turned on them. The corner they painted themselvez
into iz... ? Hmm... thats not how that wun goez. Anyway -

They essentially became the Party uv Stoopid in reaction to a truly intellijent Democratic Prezident by opozing
absolutely everything Obama wuz for. Obama: "1 + 1 = 2". The GoP: "Its a lie! He'z rong! He iz ruining
America with hiz Godless arithmatic!" No matter how obvious or how much we needed sumthing, the assclown
GoPs went to war to stop it. Its a credit to Obama'z power & talent that America recovered from the mess Bush
made in spite uv their efforts.

Can you blame Donald J. Trump for taking advantaj uv the situation? He saw a distressed property and grabbed it.
Thats wut he duz! Usually its real estate, this time it wuz a political party. The party leadership had
desided they were going to corral and cultivate the lower left side uv the IQ bell curve, feeding them a
stedy diet uv antiObama gruel fortified with anythingdemocratssayizrong and richly flavored with
everythingyouwannahear. Too hell with facts! Lojik be dammed! Obama iz out to destroy America! He iznt
really the prezident! Democrats are giving away the country! etc etc etc. Youv herd it all a hundred timez.

This made it too eazy. All Trump had to do wuz sing louder & longer than the rest uv the kwire and the party
wuz hiz. He literaly got it for a song. "Obama wuznt born in the United States! Tralala la la!"
He kept it going long after the GoP 'leaderz' gave up on the lie. So wen the 2016 campain 'seazon' began,
he wuz the only real choise left for the True Believerz.

If he wuz at least uv normal intellijens and coud pretend to hav socially akseptabl mannerz & moralz wile
in public, maybe it woudnt be so bad for the GoP. But he iznt and he cant. He iz just a con man with all
the unrefined crudity uv a spoiled 10 yir old rich kid left to rot in hiz own stew for another 6 decadez.
Giv him credit for being the worldz greatest con man, but conning chumps iz not the only talent needed to run
anything bigger than a uzed car lot. He prooved that himself many timez with hiz failed bizness venturez.

And now its nearly sertain that he will looze the election AND take sum number uv down ticket GoPs with him.
He will be the hero uv the Democratic Party if they take the house or senate back.

The rate uv sewage spewing out uv Trump's past and mouth haz been stedily increasing. The GoPs cant run
away from him fast or far enuf to avoid getting splattered. Lets hope he can keep it up for another 3 weeks.

Thrzday, Des 15 2016 7th entry.

Az you no, Trump wun. I wuz flabbergasted, like most peepl who havent been infected with ODS
(Obama Deranjment Syndrome). Did you see Chuck Todd on NBC on election nite? Wen Florida wuz going Trump,
it looked like he wuz going to poop hiz pants! Even Trump wuz suprized!

Now we no how Romney & frendz felt in 2012.

So far, jujing by hiz many unprezidential actionz and stupid joke cabinet piks, I'd say Trump still duznt
expect to reeely be prezident. I'm 50/50 on him being inaugurated. And, even if, he wont last a yir.

To me, the really alarming thing iz that enuf uv the country iz stoopid enuf to elect an outrite con man to
the most powerful job on the planet. He may be the worldz greatest con man, but you'd think even
the dullest dimwits woud have finally gotten a clue after the Access Hollywood tape.

I am worried so much about this that I started a Wordpress blog: How Stupid Are We?
Hopefully the title will be Googly enuf to get hits. Peeps like their stoopidz! Look at Homer Simpson,
Peter Griffin, Stan Smith - proof that idiots are still popular. I plan on posting a new stoopid
every week or 2 and responding to every comment.

Munday, Jan 16 2017 8th entry.

OK, I'm really doing it. I'm Running for Prez!
More like strolling at this point, nearly 4 yirz befor the next election. If you dont got money, uze time.
And I'm betting Trump will not be prez very long, getting booted by the GoPs so they can hav a real conservative.
So I will be running agenst Pence az an independent or a quazi-Democrat like Bernie Sanderz. Alot can chanje
in 4 yirz. I'm 57 today! The middle uv the beginning uv the old fart faze uv life. Maybe thats part uv why I'm
doing this - dementia setting in.

Thrzday, May 4 2017 9th entry

My mom kikt the bukit this morning. She wuz out uv action for a long time, so no big shok. Seeing a luvd wun
hookt up to machinez and bagz uv liquid with little hope uv recovery can make you reconsider the idea that
a sudden violent deth iz a bad thing. I never gave up hope that she woud recover well enuf to return home, but
knew it wuznt realistic. The peepl at the hospital and the nursing home see this all the time and they warned
us that she coud pass away at any time.

Enya - Aniron A video mom liked.

Wun uv the thingz mom NEVER liked wuz exersize. Just saying the word to her made her groan. I warned her for
yirz that if she didnt do at least a little she woud turn into a boneless immobile blob uv fat, but she stuk to her
22 owr pr day sleep skejyool. Not even the nagging uv doctorz, nursez, fizikl therapists or priests
coud motivate her.

The thing mom really liked to do wuz dream, and you do that while sleeping. So the fact that she wuz doing wut
she luvd for most uv the last 18 yirz uv her life haz to be chokt up az a win for her. How many peepl dont make
it to 86? Lots uv us helthy living regular exersizerz are going to do the Final Chest Grab befor 70.

Jean Mary Gaczol (nee, Birkinshaw) April 24 1931 to May 4 2017. May she be greeted at heavenz gate by her
resently deseased cat aNJeLENU (1998 - Aprl 13 2017) and all her other family and frendz who passed befor.

Sunday, Desembr 3 2017 10th entry

Rebilding the site. A few more daze till its online. The code in the old pajez wuz so bad its a wonder it worked
at all. Even now, I am sure that real website makerz will curl their lips in disgust at my louzy html.


If you havent looked at my prezidential campane site yet, you shoud. The TrumPutin Conspirasy paje iz very popular
now that even the GoP faithful sheep are realizing that they got duped. The latest newz iz that Flynn took a
plea deal and iz cooperating. Altho he haz probably spilled all the beanz alredy, they need to give him a
security detail. Putin duznt play softball.

The site uv Mitch McConnell (the senator who looks like a turtle) smiling proudly yesterday for passing
a big tax break for rich peepl and corporationz strikes me az bizzar - like sumwun with their hed in a noos
smiling about it. During a press conferens afterward, az he'z passing out noosez to hiz fellow GoPs, he sez
"not a single Democrat thot this wuz a good idea"! I jiveth ye not. Look it up on Youtube.